The Merlin project, or Module for Effortless Redundancy and Loadbalancing In Naemon, is a Naemon module built to create an easy way to set up distributed Naemon installations, allowing Naemon processes to exchange information. This allows Naemon to scale past a single installation to handle a bigger monitoring workload.

Merlin can also save state changes to a database, which can be used for reporting purposes.

Brief description of the Merlin project

Merlin consists of:

merlin-mod: Responsible for jacking into the NEBCALLBACK_* calls and send them to a socket (remote Merlin and merlind). If the socket is not available the events are written to a backlog and sent when the socket is available again.

merlind: The Merlin deamon listens to the socket that merlin-mod writes to and sends all state changes to a database of your choice (using libdbi).

merlin database: This is a database that contains state changes.

mon scripts: A bunch of utility scripts utilized to add new nodes to the system, and other useful things.