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The changelog contains the list of changes that you should be aware of such as added features, changes in existing functionality, and bug fixes. To get the latest updates for the standard release of OP5 Monitor, see ITRS OP5 Monitor 9.x Release Notes


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13188 Ninja Fixed an issue where scheduled reports were sent every minute.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13126 backup Fixed an issue where the wrong SNMP user would be recreated after restoring a backup.
MON-13147 nachos The migration script now checks if configurations are correctly encoded in UTF-8.
MON-13166 check_k8s,plugins The Kubernetes management pack now has fields for the namespace, while the namespace parameter for check_k8s_nodes check command has been removed.
MON-13169 management-packs,plugins Updated all NSClient checks to use the check_nrpe version 4, and removed the check_nrpe version 2 from OP5 Monitor.

Additional release documentation

Since version 2 of check_nrpe does not work on EL8 we have decided to migrate all remaining NSClient checks over to version 4. This has some notable implications:

  1. All servers with NSClient that are still using 512-bit keys for their NRPE SSL encryption will need to update to use 2048-bit keys. We have written a guide on how to do this here:
  2. Not all command line arguments are compatible across versions. SSL is enabled by default in version 4 so the -s flag has changed meaning, so we recommend removing this flag.
  3. NSClient is still using version 2 of the nrpe protocol to communicate, which causes check_nrpe to complain about invalid packet versions, to get around this warning message, the -2 flag can be used to force the use of protocol version 2.

We have implemented fixes for 2 and 3 for all check commands we ship by default.

Note: Checks using the check_nrpe4 plugin will still work, but be aware that it is just a symlink towards check_nrpe. We suggest moving them over to use check_nrpe since we can't guarantee the stability of that link in the future.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13152 check_k8s,plugins Added the --ignore command-line option to the check_k8s plugin to exclude specified resource names from the check result.

Additional release documentation

The --ignore option takes as input a regular expression (regex) which will be compared to the Kubernetes resource name (Node, Deployments, Pods) to determine which resources will be excluded from the check results. Refer to Python's re module documentation for supported regex.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13014 geomap The default map in Geomap now works correctly.
MON-13163 geomap,nagvis Attributions, in Nagvis and Geomap, to Map and Data have been updated in accordance with terms and conditions with providers.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13141 plugins Updated the negate plugin to only accept commands and scripts to execute from the plugin path /opt/plugin/.
MON-13161 livestatus,Naemon Naemon and Livestatus have been updated to version 1.3.1.

Additional release documentation

This update may break the existing configurations if the negate plugin is used to execute applications and scripts outside the /opt/plugin/ path.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13159 plugins GPG keys are now imported for users when using the check_yum_update plugin.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13111 Ninja Improved security by disabling autocomplete on sensitive input fields.
MON-13135 Ninja Improved UI in the date picker component.
MON-13148 Merlin A new "accept_runcmd" node setting has been added. This node setting must be enabled in order to use test this check on that node.
MON-13157 Ninja,reports Fixed UI issues when editing reports.

Additional release documentation

The new setting must be enabled on nodes from which runcmds are to be accepted, in addition to having encryption enabled. This enables setting up encrypted nodes without, per default, also allowing testing of checks from those nodes. Some safety checks have also been introduced in order to make sure the application does not accept or send runcmds from pollers. By default, Slim pollers will have this setting enabled for its masters.

Note: This is possibly a breaking change if you are already using test this check, since it will stop working without this setting.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13058 Ninja Improved jQuery compatibility.
MON-13121 reports Improved error messages in the UI.
MON-13146 Ninja,reports Fixed manual sending of scheduled reports and saving of reports to system /tmp folder now works correctly.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13125 Nacoma,wmic Updated WMI network scanning to work with the latest version of check_wmi and made it compatible with DCOM security hardening.

Additional release documentation

A new field has been added which allows passing extra arguments to wmic while doing the service discovery.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13153 check_k8s,plugins Added the --version command-line option.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13140 plugins Removed the urlize plugin since it was vulnerable to remote code execution.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13138 Nacoma Removed the automatic discovery of Sensatronic and NetWare devices since the required plugins are no longer shipped.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13110 generic Implemented a Content Security Policy (CSP) in OP5 Monitor.
MON-13129 autodiscovery Fixed an issue in the Autodiscovery where having spaces around an ip-range would result in an error.
MON-13131 generic Security hardening has been improved to set the Apache policy to never include referrer URLs.
MON-13139 Nacoma The Remove button for custom variable now works corectly.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13091 API Mitigated XSS vulnerability in the API error messages.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-6729 plugins Update check_radius check commad to use correct path to config file.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13133 Ninja Fixed UI issues when you toggle a runtime option.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13061 Ninja Updated the About menu to include the OP5 version, and removed the Naemon version.
MON-13076 check_k8s Added capability to check multiple namespaces.
MON-13089 check_k8s The Succeeded phase is now counted as an OK state.
MON-13106 autodiscovery Updated to Bootstrap 5 in Autodiscovery which removes the dependency on jQuery.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13093 API Removed ability to spoof the URLs generated in the API documentation by setting the host header to something malicious.
MON-13119 Ninja Fixed database migration errors during installation.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13039 Nacoma,Ninja Forced a complete reimport of the configuration files when restoring a backup to ensure the configuration database is in sync.
MON-13083 host-wizard Fixed UI issues in the Host Wizard.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13108 generic Improved security of HTTP response headers.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13077 Ninja Successful login attempts are now logged on level "notice".
MON-13092 API The Secure and HttpOnly attributes are now set on the PHPSESSID cookie in the HTTP API.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-12535 mayi The "Test this host" and "Test this service" group rights have been removed from the "limited_edit" role.
MON-12946 plugins Updated the check_wmi_plus plugin to work with Windows DCOM hardening.
MON-13035 autodiscovery Removed RabbitMQ dependency and switched worker model for Magellan autodiscovery service.
MON-13064 plugins Added the check_wmi_plus plugin to OP5 Monitor.
MON-13080 Nacoma Fixed an issue that caused Nachos JavaScript to not load in certain browsers.
MON-13084 plugins Added the check_oracle plugin in the OP5 Monitor.
MON-13101 plugins Added the missing "-a" option in the check_oracle_query and check_oracle_query_regex check commands.
MON-13103 install/upgrade The repository configuration for the GA release of OP5 Monitor 9 has been added.

Additional release documentation

As part of security hardening, when migrating from OP5 Monitor 8 to 9, the "Test this host" and "Test this service" permissions are removed from the "limited_edit" role configured by default in OP5 Monitor. The permissions are required to use the "Test this check" functionality when editing hosts and services in OP5 Monitor configuration UI. If it's desired to keep these permissions on the "limited_edit" group, they can be re-added (Manage > Configure > Group rights > Expand Host and Service categories and select one or both of "Test this host" and "Test this service".

To continue to receive rolling updates, after upgrading from an earlier version of Monitor 9 Beta, you must execute the following:

dnf install op5-release-rolling


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13079 Ninja Corrected scaling of the OP5 Monitor logo.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13060 Business services (synergy/bsm) Fixed a UI issue in BSM that would not allow you to add a service sub-element.
MON-13081 Nacoma The Save all users button is disabled when there are no changes to save.
MON-13100 The /etc/op5-monitor-release package now shows the same version as the OP5 Monitor release instead of showing the RPM package version.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-12319 nachos The character set used in the Nacoma database has been updated to UTF-8. This change does not have any functional impact on the product.
MON-12697 plugins The default behavior of the check_aws shipped check_command has been changed to not include the unit argument.
MON-12700 Ninja Removed cookie usage banner from OP5 Monitor.
MON-12965 generic PHP version has been upgraded from 7.2 to 7.4.
MON-13020 Ninja,pnp Clicking the "Make default graph" button on a PNP graphs page now works correctly. The default graph is displayed when hovering over the graph image in the list views.
MON-13023 plugins Added the check_snmp plugins from the monitoring-plugins project to OP5 Monitor 9 Beta.
MON-13026 LMD Fixed an issue in LMD where the "event_handler" and "check_source" host attributes would be set incorrectly.
MON-13029 generic Updated links to the OP5 Monitor documentation and support articles from the OP5 Monitor UI.
MON-13031 backup Fixed migration of network connections with op5-backup.
MON-13033 Ninja Fixed an issue with updating the refresh rate on the listview pages.
MON-13034 API,LMD Fixed an issue causing the contact attributes address1 through address6 to be missing from the API.
MON-13037 backup Removed the deprecated "migrate i386 to x64_64" mode from op5-backup.
MON-13038 backup Fixed issues with the remote transfer of backup archives.
MON-13045 plugins The check_mssql plugin has been replaced with a more modern check_mssql_health plugin.
MON-13046 backup When migrating between OS versions with op5-backup, only SSH host keys are now restored on the new system, not all SSH settings.
MON-13047 Ninja Fixed a UI issue in the list view when the refresh rate button is selected.
MON-13048 Ninja Fixed a UI issue in the list view where manually entering an input value was not getting saved after clicking refresh rate.
MON-13050 backup Included the custom configuration file "custom_config.php" for config UI in the op5-backup if the file is present.
MON-13059 plugins Added explicit dependency on "bind-utils" ensuring that the "check_dig" plugin works correctly.
MON-13062 API Removed the deprecated Status API endpoints (/api/status and /api/help/status). Use the Filter API instead.
MON-13067 Nacoma Nacoma now shows the error message in the config UI when the maximum input variables to PHP have exceeded.
MON-13070 nachos Fixed an issue causing saved configuration fails to not show error messages correctly.
MON-13097 LMD LMD has been updated to 2.0.7 to stay in sync with upstream. For more information, see

Additional release documentation

Before upgrading from an earlier version of the OP5 Monitor Beta to a newer version, you must execute the following:

dnf module switch-to php:7.4 && dnf update php-op5license op5license

Before executing:

dnf update


Issue key Component Release description
MON-12970 pnp Graphs now load correctly on the PNP basket page.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13024 nagvis Nagvis has been updated to 1.9.30 to address the security vulnerability: CVE-2021-33178.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13028 LMD LMD has been updated to 2.0.4 to stay in sync with upstream. For more information, see


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13002 Nacoma Network scanning of large ranges no longer leads to the UI being inaccessible.
MON-12998 backup Fixed an issue causing the interactive mode in op5-backup to not work correctly.
MON-11847 Nacoma The maximum size of configuration fields in the Nacoma database has been increased.
MON-12622 portal OP5 Portal has been removed.
MON-12889 Nacoma,Ninja,reports Multiple OP5 Monitor components have been updated to use the upgraded version of jQuery 3.6.x and jQuery-UI 1.13.x.
MON-12992 pnp Generation of PDFs from graph baskets containing graphs using the lslprediction-label template now works correctly.
MON-12985 Ninja The GUI backup tool now correctly backs up the relevant files. This resolved an issue where the backups taken from the GUI could not be correctly restored.
MON-12999 plugins Two versions of check_nrpe are now shipped: check_nrpe (v2) and check_nrpe4 (v4). Both versions of check_nrpe match the behaviour on OP5 Monitor 8. Also, all default windows checks use check_nrpe (v2), while all other default checks use check_nrpe4 (v4).
MON-12984 Nacoma,pnp Creating a graph collection using regular expression (regex) now works correctly.
MON-12934 install/upgrade Improvements have been made to op5-backup to facilitate the migration from OP5 Monitor 8 to OP5 Monitor 9.
MON-12830 Ninja The broken link from the Hostgroup page to the host list view has been corrected.
MON-12976 install/upgrade Rsyslog is now defined as an explicit dependency in the OP5 Monitor server installation.
MON-12963 plugins Improved log messages in the check_vmware_v2 service.
MON-12908 Nacoma The Help link in the configuration UI now points to the ITRS OP5 Monitor documentation instead of an internal help page.
MON-12661 plugins check_op5_license now checks if the signing certificate is not expired.
MON-12949 plugins Fixed packet performance data for the host check graphs.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-13001 autodiscovery IP addresses with a maximum length of 15 characters are now correctly discovered. Also, the timeout of a running discovery job has been increased.


Issue key Component Release description
MON-12987 livestatus,Naemon Naemon and Livestatus have been updated to 1.3.0 to stay in sync with upstream. For more information, see Naemon changes at


Issue key Component Release description
MON-12986 plugins Fixed the warning message in the check_file plugin when a Perl error was encountered during runtime.